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BJAB cells: does anyone have a specific protocol for transfection? - (Jul/01/2015 )



Does anyone have a specific protocol on how to transfect BJAB cell line with a lentivirus without using electroporation and possibly, a lipid based reagent instead? Im new to the world of transfection and I would like to introduce a plasmid with luciferase into my BJAB cell line. 



Any suggestion to how I should proceed?



-Jill Saint-Germain-

Hi Jill,


The successful with high efficiency transfection method depends on several factors, e.g. cell type, nature of gene/s, trasfection conditions..etc.


You may use Lipofectamine 3000, which is based on lipid nanoparticle approach. I've used this method to transfect mouse myeloma cell line (NS0) successfully.


For more info and protocols visit their website: