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what are wildtype control, non-silencing control and control? - (Jun/23/2015 )

Hi guys,


i have a simple question but confused me. Let's say i am doing western blot.


If i have an immortalized cells (using Htert) overexpressing Akt, what should be the control cell for comparison?


Q 1. Can it be like this?

control - immortalized cells expressing GFP construct

OE cells- immortalized cells overexressing protein of interest (Akt)


Q 2. or can the control be just immortalized cells as they already have Htert construct?



For downregulation, i know the control is generally a non-silencing construct.

But what do you use as a control against overexpressing cell ?


thanks a lottt


In my humble opinion, your control can be simple immortalized cells. Anything that won't show a big fat band for Akt in a WB actually. So to answer Q1: yes and Q2: yes again.


Good luck !