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Free Drawing software - (Aug/03/2004 )

I search a software (preferentially freeware ;-) for drawing schema. Not to complicated, juste to make layer of cells, arrows, antibodies, etc...

In which software you draw your figure?

I hope you can help me,
Mélanie T.


You can easily do these in Microsoft word or powerpoint. If you want something more powerful, Adobe illustrator is the choice, but not free.

If you prefer something free, there is a open source drawing tool (called OpenOffice Draw) coming with OpenOffice at I just tested the new version. It beats Word's drawing tool in many aspects such as 3-d drawing and rendering, handling text box.

user posted image

I first draw a line (A) and then rotate the line and get the bottle as B

Another example:
user posted image

I first draw 2 lines as in A, then roate and get B