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How to determine gene knock-out from Agarose gel bands - (Apr/27/2015 )



I am a new phd student in molecular pharmacology, actually the molecular arena is very new and also interesting to me.


(1) My first challenge was to do a genotyping for my KO mice. After successfully running my first gel, I am now faced with how to

determine whether there was a gene knock out or not. I already know how to calculate the sizes for each band, so how do I

take it up from there. I need help fast before I report to my Professor later today.


(2) I will also appreciate if anyone could kindly point me to useful resources for learning molecular biology for a beginner.


Thanks very much. Anxiously waiting.


There are a number of books that will be useful. The "bible" for mol bio is Molecular cloning: a laboratory manual by Sambrook et al.


KO will be determined by the band size, usually a KO will give a smaller band than wild-type, but you should determine this for yourself. Smaller bands migrate faster on a gel than big bands.