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Collagen binding protein expression E. coli His-tag - (Jan/12/2015 )

Hi all,


Has anyone expressed a his-tagged collagen binding protein in E. coli, if so can you suggest how you did it.


was the his tag at the N terminal or C-terminal, the temperature you used, the strain of E. coli or any other recomendations.


As  i wish to express and purify the protein the size is around 114kDa


your help would be greatly appreciated





Do you have your gene already in a plasmid?

I wish you all the best, but since noone answered your questions may I suggest you simply run proper expression tests. Testing a few strains, temperatures etc. is not that hard, takes 2-3 days and costs close to nothing if you have a good bank of plasmids/strains. In fact I think you will need to do it anyway. In matters such as this other's expression conditions might not work for you and if you rely on what you read you will never know if you're not missing an opportunity to do it much more efficiently.