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selective plates - (Nov/25/2014 )



I would be grateful if anyone can help me answer the following question;


In which of the following specimens would use of selective plates be most important;

blood,pleural effusion, CSF,faeces.


Many thanks.


Moved 'cause this is a homework question. Bob

-Dubravka Becic-

So... what are microorganisms might you find in each, and why would you use a selective plate?


For example,if patient is presented with bacterial gastroenteritis which can be caused by different pathogens such as Campylobacter, Salmonela,Shigella. Trying to distinguish pathogen from faeces is difficult due to number of factors, such as intermittent shedding of pathogens in the faeces and prior antimicrobial use,

In this situation I would use selective plate as it suppresses faecal flora and it allows the growth of target pathogen, so I think use of selective plates is the most important in differentiating  pathogen from faecial flora rather then blood or CSF…Although I am not sure, and might be wrong.


Thank you.

-Dubravka Becic-

Right, feces.  Culturing pathogens against an abundance of normal fecal flora.requires selective media

-Phil Geis-

Thank you so much.

-Dubravka Becic-