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Einfolge Entered into the new phase of Potential Growth - (Nov/21/2014 )

Einfolge has been awarded a prestigious project from Public Sector Undertaking (PSU) of the Government of India.

Einfolge has won the tender competing with several other Service providers.

Einfolge will guide the PSU in reviewing and analysing the research done by one of its prestigious Centre of Innovation and Research. Einfolge will help with evaluating the patentable aspect as well as streamline the IP/Patent roadmap for the Centre.   The Government of India is promoting innovation and wants to protect the IP generated in the various Governments’ Centre of Innovation. Einfolge with its Comprehensive Research, Insightful Analytics and Implementation Support will guide the Centre to achieve its goal.

With this Einfolge has again stood ahead of competitions. Einfolge has entered another arena of the solution delivery.


How much they charge for novelty search and patenting?

Can they file a patent in the UK?