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Can anyone recommend some immunoprecipitation kits? - (Oct/16/2014 )



I will try to immunoprecipitate (IP) some small peptide from the insect blood (haemolymph). I have no IP experience. Can anyone recommend some immunoprecipitation kits to me?




I find Invitrogen/Life's protein A and protein G Dynabeads to be pretty reliable and easy to use.  Not exactly a kit, but the buffers you find in most kits are very simple to prepare (and much cheaper).

Usually all you need for a straightforward IP is:
1)  A good solid phase (I recommend Dynabeads and a magnet over agarose/sepharose slurry with centrifugation)
2) A simple IP buffer (NaCl between 100-300mM, 50mM Tris, and 0.1-1% Triton or NP40, pH 7.4 is a good start - adjust for your system).
3) A clean and verified antibody

With those it's just a matter of optimizing your antibody amount and IP method.

All that said, I had some decent luck with the Pierce magnetic direct IP/CoIP kit.  Overall though, I don't think it performs any better than a home-made IP system.

Good luck!