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Relative humidity in the electrophoresis lab - (Aug/14/2014 )

Hey everyone, first time poster here looking for any input that might be available to me.


I've been running massive amounts of native 2d gels in my lab for many years now and have recently noticed some new problems.  (I know this is the SDS-PAGE forum, but it seems like the most appropriate place for this kind of question.)  I'm getting poor resolution at the bottom of my gels- some of the bands are extremely faint and some are distorted.  Looking back at the humidity chart I've noticed that over the last few months, the lab has gone from around 20% to now 70% relative humidity.  


Does anyone here have any experience with humidity affecting their gels/blots?  I'm open to absolutely any input.  


This seems like a really great place, I've been perusing the forums for a couple hours and hope that I can find a way to contribute!


Thanks everyone for your time and consideration.



i've never seen a humidity effect on sds-page (i assume that's your second dimension). however, you can try using a new batch of sds (not made from the same lot). old, decomposing, sds can cause the effect you describe.


Thanks for the response!


Unfortunately we run a non-denaturing 2d so I can't blame SDS.  Though I really wish I could.  Do you think this question would be better suited in a different forum?


this forum is okay for your question.


give us more information.


what are your 2 dimensions (routine 2d is ief, sds-page but i knew some people who ran ief, urea)?


how do you run?