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Having inconsistant temperature issues with New Brunswick freezers (-80C). - (Aug/13/2014 )

We have some Innova lab freezers (-80) from new brunswick. During the rutine validation we have come to know of variation in temperature in different parts of the same freezer. I would like to know if anyone uses these freezers and having the same problem and why may it be?


What sort of temperature issues does the temp go up and down, or is it just variable within the freezer? What sort of freezer is it (upright? chest?)


Hi Bob,


Thanks for the replay. These are Upright -80C, from New brusnwick, According to validation readings the different parts of freezer (different selves or even within same sheslf in different side, left/right) giving different temperatures ranging from -40C to -75C, which remaining constant at such temp. So, in recent days I had to relocate a lot of my samples which need to be stored at excatly -75C.


1. I am trying to understand if other new brunswich freezer users also experincing same problem and if they have any suggestions to overcome this.

2. If we are doing something different to our freezers to give rise to this problems,

3. Do anyone knows of this issue being relatde to the maufacturer of these freezers. etc. 


Here are the labels on the freezers you maybe able to identify them with-- Innova U7525, U57085 and U570.


I would really appriciate any feedback.   


All freezers tend to have this problem (as does liquid nitrogen storage), as the cold air sinks, and forms stratifications with the warmest at the top.  I don't know of any way around this, other than to never open the freezer.