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Would preserved cells for flow cytometry make your life easier? - (Aug/03/2014 )

1. Imagine not having to euthanize a mouse or rat each time you needed a few million splenocytes as control cells.

2. Imagine not having to wait for collection of human whole blood from a donor, then isolate PBMCs by Ficoll etc., so that you can include a set of control cells in your flow cytometry experiment.

3. Imagine not having to buy expensive frozen cells and having to strore them in ultra-low temperature freezer/liquid nitrogen.

4. Imagine not having to thaw frozen cells each time you needed to stain them for FACS analysis.


Cells Depot™ preserved cells are derived from human, mouse and rat cells with intended use in flow cytometry applications (For Research Use Only). The cells are non-viable and stain optimally with low antibody concentrations. They can be used to validate antibody binding, serve as control for cell subset evaluation or used for multi-color compensation. Cells Depot™ preserved cells remain stable and unfrozen when stored in a regular freezer (-18C to -21C). Since thawing is not required, sampling is quick and repeat sampling is easy resulting in greater efficiency and savings in cost.


Thanks in advance for your responses and feedback!







Wanted to follow up on the above post with our "Cell Preparation Guide" video available on YouTube:


Also, for US-customers - we our offering FREE samples for a limited time. Visit our website: to sample our humanmouse and rat cells.


Thanks again for your responses and feedbacks!