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Trichloroacetic Acid precipitation of proteins - (Jul/25/2014 )

I found this protocol for Trichloroacetic Acid precipitation of protein.


I am searching for the original paper by LUIS SANCHEZ, but i can't seem to find it.

Can anyone please help me? Send me a link or the paper here or at

Thank you.


your link doesn't work and this should be in the "paper request" forum.


To TCA ppt proteins for dilute sds-page samples, this method has worked quite well for me: 


1. pipette ~5-20ug of protein into a clean eppe tube

2. Add TCA (from a 100% (w/v) stock) to your protein solution to a final concentration of 20-30%

3. Let sit on ice for 15 min

4. Spin at 16k x g in a refrigerated centrifuge for 10 min

5. Aspirate off supernatant being sure not to disturb the tiny white pellet at the bottom

6. Wash pellet with ~1 ml cold (-20C) 100% acetone

7. Centrifuge again at 16k x g for 10 min

8. Aspirate off acetone being sure not to disturb tiny white pellet

9. Place empty tube with pellet in 95C heat block for 1 minute to dry off acetone (don't let it go longer than a minute)

10. Add 10-20ul of 1x SDS-PAGE sample buffer, vortex for a few minutes to fully resuspend pellet

11. Cook sample at 95C for 5 min

12. Load entire sample on gel.