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Do I need to use untreated TC flask for suspension cell culture - (Jul/13/2014 )

Hi all, I'm new to suspension cell culture, and so is my lab. Labmates are reluctant to buy a new type of untreated culture vessels for my culture, so I wonder if it's OK to use typical surface treated TC flasks/plates for suspension cell culture. Thank you very much.


Yes, it works OK, but depends a on the cells as to whether they will attach or not, and how this will affect your results.


Thank you very much. I'd just give it a try, I guess. :)




My lab occasionally grows suspension-type cells in tissue culture flasks designed for attached cells. One trick we use is to tip the flask to the vertical (cap up in the air) after seeding to minimize the amount of contact between the suspended cells and the treated surface.


I agree with the answer from the other respondent, you'll have to try varoius methods for your particular cell type. If the usual flasks don't work, Sarstedt produces a line of tissue culture flasks specifically designed for suspension cells. They work fairly well and are economical.


Thanks very much, I'll try to place it vertical and see if it's alright. :)


We culture primordial germ cells in flasks and multi-well plates which are treated.


I'm not sure about orienting the flasks vertically - won't this reduce the rate of gas exchange and produce a much larger gradient of carbon dioxide/oxygen concentrations between the bottom of the medium and the surface? Maybe it's actually negligible; I don't know.