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qPCR , H&E, IHC for Influenza is not correlated - (Jun/25/2014 )

Dear all. 

I have 3 data representing virus characterization, qRT-PCR, H&E and IHC . They are not correlated together although being from same animal 

What might be explanation 

-Mohamed 1984-

1.) qPCR gives data on RNA level, immunostainings on protein level. They need not be correlated (protein half-time could be a confunding factor for instance)
2.) Methodical problems, e.g. problems with antibody penetration in IHC

Can you give details -where was the expression higher / lower etc. ?


H&E and IHC are not usually very quantitative, more of a qualitative process... what is the actual problem - how are they not related?


Thanks, I just wonder as qPCR data not always correlated with IHC 

-Mohamed 1984-