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Cell lysis and DNA quantification - (Jun/16/2014 )

Hi Everyone,

Does anyone know if it is possible to quantify the DNA content (by for example a Picogreen dsDNA quantification kit) in a cell culture sample that has been lysed in M-PER for an enzyme activity assay? To take one part of the lysate for enzymatic activity assay and one part of the lysate for DNA quantification. I can't really think of a reason why it shoulden't work but I can't find a paper or protocol describing this type of analysis.


IIRC picogreen style kits rely on intercalation of a dye at a known frequency per helical turn, so I think that would work fine - though buffer and other components in M-per might alter the binding ratios.


I would suggest ringing the tech support for the product you plan to use, and see what they have to say - if they haven't done it, they might give you free reagents to try.