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Obtaining Serum from frozen EDTA blood or cleaning reddish serum? - (Jun/14/2014 )

Hi, I have two tubes from the same patient; one is gel-serum tube (yellow cap), the other is EDTA whole blood (mauve cap), when I centrifuged the gel-serum tube the serum came out bloody (reddish). I need the serum for Vitamin analysis, can I obtain another serum from the frozen whole blood tube or is there is a way to clean the serum sample?


Please help.


P.S. The color of the resulting serum is between the two colors in the image attached

Attached Image


how are you performing your vitamin analysis?


when i did it, i precipitated the proteins (it was a long time ago so i'm not sure, but i think i used acetonitrile to precipitate). that eliminated the hemoglobin from the serum.