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suggestions for best ELISA kit - (Jun/11/2014 )


I am new to the ELISA.

Could you all please suggest the kits you are using for ELISA.


I am trying to look for IL-1 beta cytokine in the supernatant of RAW (murine macrophage) cells.


I am looking to find the most popular kits.

Also, please do mention any problems with any kit that you have used and would discourage others from using.


Thank you!!


I like cell signaling because the preparation is minimal and protocol is straight forward


Thank you very much! :)


Hi, i'd like to recommend an ELISA kits supplier named Creative Diagnostics. They offer a wide variety of ELISA kits, such as  HIV Ag-Ab, Syphilis screening Kits, Hormone assays, TORCH, infectious disease, Allergy, diabetes and so on. I used their Human T3 ELISA Kit before and they kindly offered me very useful advice on my experiment. And the result turned out well. 


Oh geez, the "creative" spammers are here too... What are you, the Borg?