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50ml tube holder - (Jun/11/2014 )

Anyone here that knows a company in Europe that sells these 50ml tube holders?




I only seem to find USA based companies and the shipment price is often more than the price of the product (although, pretty expensive sometimes, 25-40 us dollar for 5 of them).




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 In Germany it would be e.g. Carl Roth:;jsessionid=2BC6D123EC41B42677B57E8A85467397?lang=en-de&market=DE

search for "Single stand for 50 ml centrifuge tubes"



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To my suprise I found a chinese company selling them pretty cheap at alibaba!

I wonder if its a real company, it seems legit.


I have found that a lot of brands of aluminium foil have roll holders inside the box on each end that are fairly similar to these, and work pretty well - for free. 


Thats an option too, but its carton and knowing some people in the lab, it will get wet, broken fast..


The ones I have are plastic inserts inside the box.


Novolab sells these:


dpo on Thu Jun 12 09:29:10 2014 said:

Yes, I also saw those, but its from heathrow ,uk, they are (in my opinion) rather expensive.


We have quite a thick aluminium foil (defnitelly much more thicker than kitchen-grade foil) and when I need stands like this I simply make them from the foil ;)


Its a waste of foil. Especially if they already waste so much stuff and think everything grows for free on trees.


We had those tube holders (enough), but they just disappear.