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western blotting running problem? - (Jun/06/2014 )

okay so im a total newbie at this  and all the gels i have run so far come up with come crooked bands. some run up some down and its really odd, i wonder what the problem could be? 


I am not too sure what you mean...but if the sample is not properly running through the gel you probably haven't adequately denatured the protein with SDS.  Check your SDS or make a new batch.  If your bands are smiling or are crooked your gel quality is probably poor.  This is not too uncommon with home-made gels.  Commercial Gels are far better and save you time (especially time of redoing a Western blot due to poor Gel quality)

-Eve Technologies-

can you post a picture of your gel(s).


also, can you give us a short description of your procedure? for example, do you you ensure that the sample wells are uniform and flat? do you load all samples to the same height? is there salt in your samples?