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Any online tool to check the propability of primer dimer formetion _ - (May/27/2014 )


I am doubt about primer dimer formation in my PCR product. Is there is any online tool to check if my primer might form dimers ? 

-Mohamed 1984-

Primer3 and PrimerBLAST both do this.


The tool menu at the IDTDNA site has good tools for primer homodimers and heterodimers.
They don't distinguish ones that have 5' overhangs, which have severe consequences, while the 3' overhangs matter little. This is because 5' overhangs can be extended, which produces an incorrect primer, while the 3' overhang cannot be extended.



-Mohamed 1984-

Actually I Already have the primer and I wanted to see the propablity of dimer formation> Is this is helpful 

-Mohamed 1984-