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Promoter sequence search in a plasmid map - (May/09/2014 )

I have cloned my insert into a vector. I am told that the position the insert is in will be flanked by an upstream promoter (which is necessary for to express the gene).

But I can't see the promoter-annotation in the plasmid map at all (I have no annotations at all that there is an upstream promoter), which makes me question if this vector is correct.


I am told that I can BLAST the whole construct-sequence, but I get a lot of hits that doesn't make sense to me. Can anyone provide a simple guidance to check if I have a promoter in my vector?




well, whats the sequence? 

(of the entire plasmid)


This tool will annotate some elements frequently found in plasmids. Of course, if you have a specific promoter, it may not indicate it but it's worth a quick try:


 I have developed a (free) plasmid mapping program that I've releases that can do that.  It comes with a library of sequences including some promoters that you can use to auto-annotate your sequence (and do other stuff).  You can find the links to the install file and such at my blog page below: