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UV Light benefits and costs on Cells - (Apr/26/2014 )

I'm working on a paper for my Bio Physics class and I'm having a bit of trouble finding some academic sources on something I thought would be super easy: Benefits of UV light on plant cells


Getting the bad effects is as easy as googling "UV light, plants" but just getting an article that illustrates the benefits is near impossible for me. Does anyone here have a link to an article, or a website with proper sources, that I can use to get some concrete growth measurements/weight vs. UV-A/B/C?


Half of my paper should illustrate the positive effects and I'm just swamped in cancer and cell death papers. Once, I get a good paper I can follow their citations and come up with what I need. I just can't get that first paper.


Thanks for any help!


Perhaps this paper may help, though it focuses on UV-B


That helps, thank you!