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Reference gene(s) selection and validaton for qPCR - (Apr/22/2014 )

Selecting a proper reference gene(s) for RT-qPCR is an ongoing struggle.

It's easy to "do it", but it's significantly more difficult to do it right.


I will dedicate this topic to general discussion about selecting reference (sometimes called housekeeping) genes, software/application used and so on.


A web page first.


Massively resourced but rather ugly pages concerning normalization and reference genes selection on site.

(often contains fulltexts of papers)


Some papers.


The need for transparency and good practices in the qPCR literature - Nature Methods 2013

Evidence Based Selection of Housekeeping Genes - PloS ONE 2007


and of course


MIQE Guidelines


Today I came accross a free web tool to select reference genes using algorithms from four currently used applications geNorm, Normfinder, BestKeeper, and the comparative ddCt method.

Since I have used only one of them and this requires to only copy Ct directly from the Excel table (!!) it's like a huge help to refgene selection (I used GeNorm for some time, I wouldn't really call it user friendly..)



But since I can't compare with the others I don't have any comments on this would be appreciated.


(I may add later some sites/papers/... I found highly relevant, post any sources regarding the topic, if you want, too)


Hey Trof, 

       Thanks for quiet useful information. Could you please add material you mentioned in last post?


I hope I will, but currently I don't have time cause I'm focused on different topic.


But if you go through the site, it contains many many many publications, and was that my starting point too.