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non-radioactive detection of siRNA in plants - (Apr/15/2014 )

Hi there,


I would really like some suggestions on either commercial kits or home-made non-radioactive methods to detect 21-22nt siRNA in plants with high sensitivity. 


Thank you in advance,




Most of the radioactive methods can be replaced with non-radioactive systems such as DIG labels.  You could use stable isotope analysis too.


Thanks for reply, Bob1,

Just a question, what did you mean "stable isotope analysis"? is it still radioactive based? I really want a non-radioactive approach, thanks again,


Stable isotopes are isotopes of an atom that are non-radioactive, but are distinctive in being either heavier or lighter than the commonly found one. An example of this is C13 (makes up about 1.1% of the carbon found naturally, most of the rest is C12, followed by a small amount of the radioactive C14).

Have a look at the wikipedia page on stable isotopes for more information, it is largely correct as far as I can tell.


Sounds very interesting, I will look into stable isotope based method, thanks so much, Bob1