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hydroxy-fatty acids and gas chromatography - (Apr/14/2014 )

Dear all,
I am interested to analyze palmitic and 16-hydroxyhesadecanoic acid at the gas chromatograph using DB-WAX column with a FID detector. I have both the standards. 

I am doing the esterification of the fatty acids to fatty acid methyl esters (FAMEs) using the alkylation derivatization reagent BCl3-Methanol. Unfortunately the esterification of the 16-hydroxyhesadecanoic can not be achieved. Can someone can give me an explanation?

Furthermore, which kind of derivatization for both the compounds can be used for their analysis at GC-FID (reagents, columns, protocols.…)

Thank you in advance for the help!!!!


i can't answer your question. in case no one else here can (i've not seen gc questions here), you can ask your question at the chromatography forum.