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looking for a book - (Apr/13/2014 )

I came across a paper It describes all about comparative Ct method for qPCR. It also gives some real life qPCR "math problems" and their solutions. I adore the paper and thought what if there is a book that gave real world qPCR math problems and solutions for all the different qPCR methods (absolute standard curve, relative standard curve, comparative Ct with no standard curves, gene expression/copies, and many others). 


I don't want to read anymore on just qPCR theory and facts. I just want to be able to do some math problems just like the paper went into, perhaps plot the data given in excel and find my solutions. But I don't have enough real world data or good guidance to help me learn all the different applications of qPCR. I am looking for a math book or textbook dedicated to the art of qPCR?




It seems interesting ... I don't have access to it ... will you kindly pm it to me ??? Would be more than grateful ...


I'd be interested in a book recommendation about qPCR too in order to get a better understanding of the method...