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easiest cell lines to use - (Apr/11/2014 )



i'm selecting cell lines for my Master thesis. My purpose is to perform viability, cytotoxic, aggregation and motility assays.
I already chose some cell lines by i want some opinions.
Did someone already used the following cell lines?: SK-N-SH, U-87 MG and DBTRG-05MG (Brain); A-427 and NCI-H146 (lung); Y79 and HCEC (eye); MCF7 (breast); Alpha T3 Cells (Pituitary); Saos-2, MG-63 and G-292 (bone).


which are easier to maintain?? 


can you suggest other cell lines of this kind of tissues???




HeLa is very popular. It divides fast enough, and it's also large and spreads on the surface so well that you can see its inside very clearly. It has been studied very well also, so everything you want to know about it is already available.


Hi Curtis,


thanks for your reply. 


But i'm interested in other cell line...from brain, lung, eye, pituitary, breast and bone.


can you suggest some?


MCF7 is also great.


For brain, U87 (a glioma cell line) is quite common.