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detection of metal in protein - (Apr/10/2014 )

I have isolated bacteria from tungsten and is looking forward for its use in bioremediation. I have send the bacteria samples for ICPMS, to check out for tungsten accumulation. I would like to know if there any particular protein responsible for metal uptake?? Also tungsten acts as a cofactor for many of the enzymes in bacteria. So if i isolate the total protein of a bacteria, is it possible to detect the metal in the protein which binds as a cofactor by any means?


Sure - you could do some FAAS.


What does FAAS stand for, and how do I go about it?


flame atomic absorption spectrometry


Is it possible to check the metal concentration in the protein by ICP-MS?

Also what amount of metal could be predicted as bound to the protein?

Further can you please elaborate on how should I proceed with the experiment?