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Heat the sample during nitrogen evaporation of peptides eluted in ethanol/6 N hy - (Apr/03/2014 )

I am doing nitrogen evaporation of a sample of proteins eluted from a sep-pak carteridge in ethanol/6 N hydrochloric acid (1,000:1, v/v). The protein of interest is Oxytocin.

My question is: should I use heat the sample while evaporating? I would think that heating would cause more rapid evaporation, but cold temperature would be safer for protein integrity.. However, will the EtOH/HCL solvent evaporate efficiently without heat??

Any thoughts and comments are greatly appreciated. 


oxytocin should be reasonably stable with gentle heating (37C). keep in mind that evaporation will chill the sample so you could also heat to 25C.


Hello mdfenko,


Thank you for your thoughts on the topic, greatly appreciated!