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what do you think is the problem with this polyacrylamide gel? - (Apr/01/2014 )

As seen in the picture, there are some bubbles in the middle of the gel. and this usually happens at the left or right side of a gel. 

and whenever this happens, I don't use it and throw. it's wasting of both time and solutions.


I'm quite sure that the bubbles are not there when it is liquid state.

this happens only after it becomes hard.



I've already tried several things to fix the problem like washing glasses with detergents or ethanol. but it didn't work. still heppens.

now I'm quite desperate on this.wink.png

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3 things it could be -


Bubbles that are between the plate and the gel and shouldn't affect the gel running

Bubbles that are caused by the gel shrinking as it sets, which may affect the gel

Try degassing the solution before you use it.


bubbles like that often occur when the plate separates, slightly, from the gel. this can happen when removing the comb.


it can also occur during polymerization of high acrylamide percentage gels. to avoid this you must ensure that your plates are very clean, degas your gel solution prior to initiation of polymerization, and reduce the amount of initiator/catalyst to slow the polymerization (slowing polymerization may be all that you need to do).