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LB media contamination - (Mar/31/2014 )



I autoclaved my LB media in 500 ml flask with foil cap, but I will start my experiment just next week. I can't hold flask in refrigerator, due to lack of space. So my question is, could LB media be storaged in room temperature for a week and do not be contaminated?


If it is contaminant free (it should be if you autoclaved it) and in a sealed container (even a flask with foil) it will be fine at RT.  We have used our months later.


That's good news, thanks!


Storage of media in the fridge is actually only (in most cases) needed if you have added "something" extra (eg antibiotics) or to keep it away from light (but I assume you will not put your bottles right at the window, in the direct sun).

Or for plates (to reduce the loss of moist)


A good website for general information: