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using DMSO and Ethanol at the same time - (Mar/27/2014 )

hello everyone!

Anyone tried to use DMSO and Ethanol as solvents at the same culture media? in my case I have to use different supplements for media and one of them should be dissolved in ethanol, other ones - in dmso.

is it safe for cells to use both solvents at the same time?


thank you in advance!


what are the supplements?


dexamethasone, IBMX, Rositaglitazone.

Sigma recommends to dissolve first one in ethanol and then in media.. other drugs should be dissolved in dmso 


I'm not 100% sure but I think it will be safe - it would probably pay to run a test beforehand just using the solvents at the levels you would if you had added the drugs, to see if you can see any effect on your cells.