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acetonitrile alternative for Agilent array experiments (fluorophore cleanup) - (Mar/25/2014 )

Hi all,

I am about to set up my lab for Agilent aCGH array system, and the standard set-up requires Acetonitrile for elimination of fluorescent residues from containers we use, according to the Agilent tech support. However, my manager wish to explore alternative options so that we don't have to keep Acetonitrile in our lab. Do anyone have suggestions?

Thank you very much in advance!



we also use agilent for acgh and ge arrays.

agilent has optimized their protocols. any deviation from them may lead to poor results.

you can, however, ask their technical support team if there is a suitable substitute for acetonitrile when preparing glassware (maybe will work if given more time,...).

we use acetonitrile.