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Measuring cell proliferation from daily aliquots - (Mar/22/2014 )

I'd like to measure cell proliferation between normal cells vs gene knockdown cells by taking daily aliquots and counting. My cells are adherent. What's the best way of achieving this? I am thinking 24 well plate, plate cells in 12 wells for normal cells and 12 wells in gene knockdown cells and then detach cells in 1 well with TE daily for counting. However, I'm worried about variations between wells/cell plating that may affect my results. Should I take daily aliquots from one big batch of cells growing in say a 10cm dish? If so, do I have to detach my cells with TE every time? Will this affect my results?





The key to this is replicates - do 3 wells for each treatment per time point and count independently.  Be aware that you can get edge effects with plates.