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Help please, what is this unknown seen under my microscope - (Mar/19/2014 )

Dear friends,


Attached are the images of my cell culture flask which contains my media, antibiotics, fbs and L-glutamine. I am not sure what is that refractile long artifacts in the middle of the image. Seems to be like scratches on the inner side of the flask? a cast? or fibers? artifacts? salt precipitates? 


Even it is a new flask, I get this too. I am just thinking could it be a big problem? Do I need to worry about that?

Has Anyone encounter this before and any idea on what is it?


Please help! Thanks.

Have a great day!




Attached Image

Attached Image

Attached Image

Attached Image


These look like track marks made by your pipette or something else scratching the surface of the flask.  It is a little hard to tell if they are inside or outside the flask from the image, but based on the focus compared to the cells, I would say outside, and should be visible with the naked eye.


agree - looks like scratches on the outside of the flask