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Pineal Gland Stalk - (Mar/11/2014 )

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I know the Pineal Gland is right in back of the the Thalamus.

But how does the Pineal Gland conect to the Brain?


Is there a Pineal Gland Salk that conects to something?


this wikipedia page will give you some idea and references which should answer your question.


(it doesn't appear to be connected by a stalk, just to the blood supply and, maybe, anchored by connective tissue).


I know the Pineal Gland is the size of a Bea and is inback of the The Thalamus.


And it reacts to Light and helps Sleep and Wake Cycles..


But is the Pineal Gland have a Stalk that conects it to anything in the Brain?


you asked this question before ( have you explored the references?


I know the Pineal Gland sits inback of the Thalamus put am I right the Pineal Gland has a Stalk that conects to the back of the Thalamus?


Please ask your question once, not three times. Have you looked at the answers the last two times you asked this question?


Yes they told me to ask in the Anatamey.


Is that not what this is I am sorry if it is not.


I see some people ask about Brain Slices so I think I can ask my Q/A here.


The Pineal Gland is behind the Thalamus but does it conect to anything through a Pineal Stalk?


I did go to Wiki and I read all about the Pineal Gland but not how it conects to anything.


Do you mean anatomical or functional connections, and in which species ? Textbooks of (neuro)anatomy are a good resource there. For instance I found this one that is relatively recent - p.155 deals with the histology and the neuronal connections of the human pineal gland and stalk:


by the way, I found it via a simple google search for   "pineal stalk"   and on another note, I'm not a mod but I think in this forum it is common to post the question just once, in one subforum, and if the answer is not helpful or further questions arise you post again beneath it and thus there should be just one single thread per topic and not four.


Thank you I am talking about the Pineal Gland in people.


I know the Pituitary Gland is connected to the HypoThalamus Gland through it's own stalk.


I thought maybe the Pineal Gland connected to the Thalamus through it's own stalk?


And I did google Pineal Stalk and I never get anything about Pineal Gland Stalks.

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