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Sybr Green Gold EtBr mechanism - (Mar/10/2014 )

Hi I am just curious and looking for the answer, but could not find, so If anyone have some idea, please share with me!!


So my question is, 


There are many nucleic acid staining dyes available nowadays, but what is the exact mechanism of binding?? and what are the differences between EtBr, Sybr Green, and Sybr Gold. (or binding capacity is the same but fluorescent intensity is different??)


I know there are difference in the sensitivity or toxicity, but I want to know the detail mechanism which makes the difference in sensitivity.


Also, It is said that EtBr etc stain dsDNA by interaction with backbone, but they are also used for staining ssDNA or RNA. In this case how each dye interact with ss DNA or RNA to stain them? (other than rely on the secondary structure).


Thanks in advance.


this excerpt from life technologies molecular probes handbook may answer your question and/or provide links to the specific information:


nucleic acid stains