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grant - why should we give you this money? expain in 1000 words - (Mar/04/2014 )


Help me please!!

I'm applying for a little grant, and they ask the usual questions (explain in 200 words to a layman your project, expain in 1000 words your project etc)... but they also ask for 1000 words why their grant is going to help me.


Because money is nice, and i can buy things with it.  989 words to go.


In all honesty, 1000 words seems a bit much to kiss up to them for a few thousand pounds.

What do they want to hear?

They have another section where I have to break down the costs of the things I'm going to buy... do i just reitterate that the money is going to help support my essential equipment and servies, and possibly be used in a conference... and that they are just so wonderful and lovely etc.






Isn't there a possibility to ask them directly what they expect?


and what is their exact question, your title or the "why their grant is going to help me"? I'd interpret and answer it differently.

I.e. the title I'd understand as question about your ideas, aims and intentions, the 2nd more like you understood it and difficult to reply to.


To my mind, there's only one possible answer:


"Because I'm awesome." 


Think of all the typing you will save, and you can then bask in the certainty that you will receive said funding ;)


or... hobgoblin's answer, which-ever.


Hi vetticus,

if they mean why you want t h e i r funding, isn't there something that sets their organization or whatever they are apart from others ? Something unique to them ? A feature, a network, their history, whatever... ? And then write about why this unique feature etc. means so much to you and that it will give you opportunities bla bla bla...


The exact question is:

Upload a statement (1000 words max) explaining precisely how the Fellowship will enable you to undertake your research and contribute to your career and why the Fellowship is important to the funding of your research.


it's money from l'oreal, so i could say: because I'm worth it  cool.png

it's not enough cash for a salary... it's enought for a dozen antibodies.  alright, so i have to go on a bit of a spiel about women in science etc.

thanks people smile.png