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Autoclaving microcentrifuge / eppendorf tubes - (Mar/03/2014 )



Please let me know the the correct way of autoclaving eppendorf tubes. :)


We usually put the tubes in a Nalgene container able to withstand higher temperatures (121C). This container can be an open top that you can place aluminum foil over or it can be a sealable container. To verify that the autoclave reached the appropriate temperature, we use heat/pressure sensitive tape. The cycling conditions vary, but we usually do 15-30 minutes depending upon the volume.


Or buy them sterile. Autoclaves add a lot of 'extras' to your samples.


A lot of companies offer sterile tubes now a days. Some even give you tubes that are DNase RNase free for setting up your PCRs

-Ameya P-

Thanks a lot everyone! But I ended up autoclaving them simply in large glass beaker for 20 minutes (since our lab doesn't have the Nalgene Containers). :)


Just make sure you dry them sufficiently before using

-Ameya P-

Sure, thanks! :)