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Lyophilizer - (Mar/03/2014 )



We need to buy a lyophilizer, and I have no idea about companies. Though I found many when I googled, but I would go with some personal experience. If somebody has some recommendations? Please suggest.






we've used virtis, labconco.


or do you want something like the speedvac from savant?


Thanks mdfenko!! I found labconco, but virtis is new to me. We want lyophilizer only, we are already having speedvac from savant. I was told that savant also has lyophilizers but couldn't find any link. Hows labconco? Is it good? 


You also need to figure out how you will seal the product. Sometimes, you simply need dried product. Other times, you want to backfill with dry argon and seal the product vial. This can be done with split stoppered vials, or with glass sealed ampules. The type of lyophilizer needed in each case varies.


Thanks Phage! I don't think we will need argon to seal the vials. But we need very mini lyphilizer, the sample volume to be evaporated will be only 25-30 mL. So we are looking not looking for very expensive one, but at the same time we don't want to compromise with the quality. 


labconco's is as good as anybody else's.