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Mouse unique genes vs human unique ones - (Feb/27/2014 )

I have culture with mixed human and mouse cells. I need tell which one is which. Does anyone know the unique gene list for mouse and human, so that I can design PCR primers to differentiate them?

Thank you in advance!


I'm not sure, but I think that you will find homologues for more than 99% of mouse genes in humans - you will probably have to find ones with significant length or sequence differences, such that they can be distinguished by PCR or sequencing.


Yes, you can.


B transposon repeats are unique to mouse cells and not found in human cells.


I am not in the lab at the moment. I'll get you the mouse primer sequence my lab uses once I'm back at work.


Thanks for your inputs.

I found two genes from this article "Of Mice and Not Men: Differences between Mouse and Human Immunology"

Glycam1 (mouse present, human absent)

GNLY (mouse absent, human present)