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Salt in medium - (Feb/26/2014 )

Can you please help me.  I am trying to find an assay or other method for measuring salt concentration in a medium that we used for growing microalgae. I was thinking there must be some kind  of biochemical assay that might do the trick.




you can determine salt concentration with a refractometer or electronically.


there are tables of refractive index for various salt concentrations or you can construct your own by taking readings with standard salt solutions. there are also digital refractometers like this one.


electronically, you can use a conductivity probe (you can attach to a pH meter or dedicated conductivity meter like these) and calibrate with standard salt solutions.




depending on the precision required, you can use a cheap (less than $12) salt probe like this one.


Thanks for that. Ill certainly look into them. I suppose the challenge is that there are many other components in there so if i find the method that wont suffer so much interference, that would be a great help. huh.png



see my response to your question in the chemistry forum