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Possible to sort cells from formalin? - (Feb/23/2014 )



If I get a tissue sample from a tumor biopsy, is there a way to extract cells from it? (for FACS analysis and then RNA extraction)


If this is not possible, how should I ask the surgeon to preserve the tumor samples? I can collect them the same day.


I do not have much experience with sorting cells, and the cells I did sort were from tissue culture, so any help would be greatly appreciated...






I don't think it's possible to sort from formalin fixed tissues. But then I haven't tried :) 

I usually ask to get the biopsies fresh, that is unfixed direct from the patient, into complete medium on ice. Then use first manual mincing (rotary cutter!) and Dispase/Collagenase for 2hrs at 37C. Filter, wash, stain, sort.