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How to obtain Vectors used in articles - (Feb/19/2014 )

Hello I want to know how I can go about acquiring vectors that I read about in articles. For example, I am working with Pseudomonas aeruginosa and found a couple interesting vectors, pUCP22 and mini-CTX1, that I could use in my research but when I tried to google search them, nothing came up. I already know about and already checked there to no avail. Can someone shed some light on this mystery. THank you,



write to the authors and get them to send you some on filter paper.


bob1 on Wed Feb 19 08:23:09 2014 said:

write to the authors and get them to send you some on filter paper.


Percentage wise, how often do authors decline? 


For plasmids, I have found not often (maybe 10%), as I think the general rule is that if it is published, then it can be, and should be, shared in the name of science.


It depends on the age of the paper.

In newish papers, the response I have found has generally been good. People want to share their plasmids because you are using stuff that they have built.


But older papers, it can be a bit difficult. I have had a few experiences of requesting stuff from a lab that has been disbanded due to the death or retirement of the PI. Request was a headache. I had to find and call up every coauthor on the paper to find somebody who had  kept their hands on the plasmid or bacteria strain that they made. One time I had to track down the people who were given a bacteria strain.


So it sounds like contacting the authors directly is the best bet. Thanks for all the input...I do like the ease of addgene and wish that there were more vectors on there that I am interested in but nothings perfect right?