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A novel, simple, effective liquid handling tool. - (Feb/18/2014 )

Hi to All,


I just want to point out a useful tool for many of the protocols we find on this website: it's a novel liquid handling robot that uses manual pipettes, and therefore can repeat reproducibly the operations you already do. You can find more generic information here, and if you want to know performances more in details there's a complete application note that's freely available here.


It has a free software, Andrew Assistant, to design protocols that doesn't require any training, and that's also useful to check and document liquid handling protocols performed by hand. It computes all concentrations, required volumes, at any step, and allows designing serial dilutions by indicating concentrations (and not volumes). Also, it's easy to create matrices like "4 compounds against 7 proteins in triplicate" with few clicks....


Disclaimer: i work for the company that manufactures the robot and that developed the free software...but i thought it could be of general interest.





There is the matter of cost. how much does it cost?