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Cell culture medium contamination? - (Feb/16/2014 )

Dear All,


This is my first post in this forum. I would like to ask your advice, because I found particles floating up from the bottom of my medium bottles, when I stirred them.

I found them even in a medium that I completed 4 days ago and stored on +4°C! There is no other change in the media, the color is normal.

I started to incubate the media samples 4 days ago in the incubator.

So far I see

- fibrils (which I think, come from the FCS, because in the FCS they are also present)

- and there are larger floating, or sometimes attached particles, they look like coagulates of something similar.

There is nothing moving in the medium. The cells look like normal.


I am so nervous, because they are present in all media. Can the "coagulates" come from the FCS?

Can I save the media with sterile filtering?


Thanks a lot!





Yea, there is often particulate in FBS.  You can sterile filter if you're concerned.