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Pulldown of polyubiquitinated proteins - (Feb/15/2014 )

Hi everyone,
I am planning to IP polyubiquitinated protein. Has anybody experience with TUBEs (LifeSensors)? I would like to try them, but not sure if I should invest the money. Or maybe anybody has experience with other kits rather than antibodies for the pulldown.
Looking forward to hear some ideas....


Hi Wickerl3732,


The VIVAbind ubiquitin kit from VIVA Bioscience, the UK based ubiquitin specialist reagents company I run, is a general purpose kit for pulling down ubiquitinated proteins. It will capture both mono and polyubiquitinated proteins irrespective of chain length or polyubiquitin linkage type, which have been reported as limitations of TUBE type pull down systems. More than happy to provide further information and answer any questions (