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Totipotent Stem Cell From Molecular Components - (Feb/01/2014 )

Q1 I am wanting to make an animal cell from DNA, RNA, Protein, and Fatty Acids as well as Glucose and other sugars. I am wondering. Should I start with the cell membrane or the nucleus and nucleolus(both are very important)?


Q2 The pace of DNA replication is 8 2/3 hours for every chromosome and 2097152 of each chromosome in 1 week. Is that just an estimate because I know that it is 8 2/3 hours per replication origin.


Q3 Once I know how many proteins of a particular type should I do this:


Go to BioGPS


Look up the proteins


Make sure I have human selected(since I am making a human stem cell)


Average the mRNA expression to get stem cell mRNA expression


Multiply by 100 to get the amount of protein


Q4 I have heard of amplicons used in PCR. Do I really need one to copy a whole gene or just primers, DNA, and enzymes?




So you are trying to be the first person to create life from a collection of components, and you are asking for advice here.  Sounds like an exam question to me!


Yes I am trying to be the first person to make life from its components. Those 4 questions I have are relevant to this and not all are like an exam question(such as the one related to gene expression by strands of mRNA which is the easiest way)