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Centrifuge stopped working while my blood samples were incubated in Cell lysis s - (Jan/27/2014 )

Hi, my centrifuge stopped working before I could spin my samples that are incubated in Cell Lysis solution, I am using Promega DNA purification kit and I don't have access to another centrifuge until tomorrw, will my samples be lost or can I continue with the procedure tomorrow?

Please help and thanks in advance


Oh Dear!  So sorry to hear about this.  What is the endpoint of your experiment?  Isolating RNA or protein?  Probably lost by now


If you are after genomic DNA then you may be able to rescue.  Try looking at the manufacturer's website and/or contact them for assistace.


Troubleshooting centrifuge:  turn all the way off (unplug if you have to!)  Let it rest at least 10 seconds, then turn it on again.  May also try finding the manual for the centrifuge--either hard copy in the lab or online.


Good luck!