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how to calculate cells and plate - (Jan/21/2014 )



just a basic question but got doubt.

after haemocytomer count i got 8.1 X 104 X 10 x 10 cells = 8.1X106 cells


i want 1X105 cells 


i have been addicted using lab helper software and struggling to do theoretically, need help.


i remember i used to calculate 1X105/8.1X106 is this correct? or else how to do?


and want 1 mil cells in 10ml medium


is this calculation correct


1X106/8.1X106 = 0.123 in 1ml

so in 10 ml media = 0.123 X 10 or else how to do.




If I'm reading your description correctly, you want 10 ml of 1x105 cells/ml and you're going to seed 1 ml (1x105)?


Use the formula c1 x v1 = c2 x v2 where c1 and v1 are your starting concentration and volume and c2 and v2 are your desired concentration volume.


c1 in your case is 8.1x106 and v1 is unknown. c2 is 1x105 and v2 is 10 ml so:  8.1x106 cells /ml x v1 (ml) = 1x105 cells/ml x 10 ml


Reworking the equation: v1 (ml) = (1x105 cells/ml x 10 ml) / 8.1x106 cells/ml    v1 = 0.123 ml diluted in 9.877 ml of your buffer


Hope this helps!


Thank you Leishman001